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Back to Back Pregnancies

Back-to-Back Pregnancies

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Making soap out of breastmilk

Making soap out of breastmilk

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  • Creating a Birth Plan

    July 28 2020 – Osric Neal

    Creating a Birth Plan

    The birth of your baby will be the most memorable, life-changing, experiences of your life. You should take the time to think through the hopes and desires for the big day by creating a birth plan.

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  • Nutrition while Breastfeeding

    April 08 2020 – Osric Neal

    Nutrition while Breastfeeding

    Your nutrition during breastfeeding isn’t affected by your diet unless you’re eating habits are inadequate.  You do need to be sure to take in enough calories and water for your body to produce adequate milk.  Your baby may react a different way to certain foods, but if you pay attention to how your baby responds, you can figure out what...

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  • Handling Labor Pain

    February 26 2020 – Osric Neal

    Handling Labor Pain

    I think all women can agree that labor is painful. The degree of pain differs from woman to woman, depending on the pain tolerance. During the 1st stage of labor the pain is caused by the uterus contracting and the cervix is dilating. The second stage of labor is when the birth canal stretching as the baby passes through.

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  • Child Sleeping Behavior

    January 06 2020 – Osric Neal

    Child Sleeping Behavior

    Getting a child to sleep can be one of the most trying task for a parent. There are those children that  fall asleep quickly, and those are a blessings. If you are a parent with a child like this, count your blessings.

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