Child Sleeping Behavior

by Osric Neal
Child Sleeping Behavior

Child Sleeping Behavior

Getting a child to sleep

Getting a child to sleep can be one of the most trying task for a parent. There are those children that fall asleep quickly, and those are a blessings. If you are a parent with a child like this, count your blessings.

Unfortunately, there are those who have sleeping difficulties from infancy on. Just know if your baby or child has this difficulty that it's not just perverseness, but a real inability to sleep. Your best choice is to help them make the transition to sleep, and not to punish him/her.

To get a child to sleep varies from child to child and from age to age. None can be guaranteed to work, but there are some common methods some parents use that have been helpful.

Some parents of little ones don't set a bedtime for preschoolers. This goes against the parental norms for most parents. These parents allow there children to play until they become sleepy. If your child is on a more stricter schedule, he or she may need help getting a baby to sleep. One of the most common methods is rocking and singing.



Babies that seem to cry and cannot fall asleep can be helped by using a light to look at, or by bringing out to a lightened room. They are craving for light, movement, and people. For babies, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding is an effective method of helping him/her to fall asleep.  Music is another successful way of helping your child to fall sleep. Often, your baby may fall asleep quicker with someone other than mom.

2-7 year olds

As your child gets older, their bedtime request change to such demands as "A drink of water" or "Go to the bathroom. These are just a couple of demands that a 2 year old uses for attention. Parents will learn that these demands are just part of the racket. The racket of getting a little more time with mom. How you deal with this is up to you.Some parents are more patient than others and some kids are more demanding than others.

You can shorten the bedtime scene by providing your child with their normal demands ahead of time. Such as already provide them a drink of water, make sure they have already gone to the bathroom, and provide them their bedtime toy. Be sure to give them a goodnight kiss and give a firm "Good night". If necessary state that you will not be coming back to their room. Sometimes it may take dad coming in to say "Good night", giving a good night kiss and stating that he will not be coming back into the room.


Child Sleep behavior

Remember that your child's demand represent a real need. You will need to help them get over their need, since their need can not be reasonably met. Simply ignoring their repeated calls after a reasonable amount of request, may resolve the problem.


As we have spoke about, there are many methods use to get their child to sleep. What methods do you use to help your child get to sleep faster?

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