Stocking your wardrobe for Nursing after delivery

Trying on Nursing bras

Over 20 years ago nursing shirts and nursing bras weren't very glamorous, but now there have been great strides in this area. Whether you're a stay-at home mom, or an executive, you will need to dress in clothes that are comfortable and conducive to nursing.

Nursing Bra

When looking for the proper nursing bra, it should provide support and makes you more comfortable. In the final weeks of your pregnancy, you should purchase 2 or three all cotton nursing bras. This is when your cup size will be the closest to your post delivery size.

A well-fitted bra should cover your entire breast. No part of the breast should be spilling out of the bra. The bottom band should be a snug fit, but the bra shouldn't put pressure on your breast. A milk duct could become plugged or mastitis (infection) to develop if the bra is too tight.  The bra shouldn't ride up in the back, and the straps should keep from cutting into the shoulders and keep the breast elevated. Keep in mind you may need room for breast pads, when you are considering cup size. Make sure the bra flaps are easy to open and close.  You want to be able to hold your baby in one arm and slip up  your top and undo the flap with the other. 


Maternity Top

Nursing tops

Nursing shirts can be helpful, especially at first. Nursing shirt all mother's to feed their baby without bearing all. Nursing shirts have a slit, so you just slide the slit over your breast to give the baby access.

Of course, you don't need a nursing shirt to nurse in public. Mother's can also use nursing covers. Just place the cover around you and your baby, and they will give you privacy you need.


Nursing Cover

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