Carrying your baby

Safe and comfortable ways to carry your baby

As we all know, you're going to carry your baby a lot, but you won't always be able or want to carry your baby the same way. Here are a few save and comfortable ways to carry your baby.

The football carry

You do this by carrying your baby in the crook of your arm with your baby resting on your forearm and wrist. However, as your baby grows, you may feel pressure on your wrist, so switch arms frequently. Eventually this method becomes too difficult.

There is also another way to do the football carry. Hold your baby upside down, in the crook of your arm. Your hand should be under the babies chin with the baby resting in your forearm.


The hip carry

When you are more active, like doing laundry, talking on the phone, or a million other task a mother does, and you need a free hand, the hip carry allows for this. Without thrusting out your hips, straddle your baby over one hipbone. It's a good idea to switch hips from time to time.

The hands-free carry

Whether you are using a baby backpack, a baby front pack, or a baby sling, be sure to use a table to set your baby in the pack or sling before attaching the pack or sling to your body.


Front Carry

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